Ableton 10 version coming soon?


I am amazed that I finally found a great way to trigger video inside Ableton!
Thank-you very much.
I’m wondering if there are any plans for an Ableton 10 version that uses the Max for Live that is built into the Ableton application.
Thanks again,


Hi Edward,

I’ve been using Videosync with Live 10 almost exclusively for a while now without issue. All our devices use the built-in Max version in Live 10, so there is no need for us to distribute separate devices for Live 9 and 10.

There will be an update on the short-term that improves how groups in groups behave in Live 10, but besides that, there are no known issues in Live 10.

Of course, I’ve you encounter any bugs or inconsistencies, let us know!



That sound great Hidde.

Is there a version of Java that I will need to use Ableton 10 with Mac OSX High Sierra?
Or is Java even necessary now that Max for Live will exist inside of Ableton Live?



No need to install Java since Max for Live does not require Java anymore since Max 7.3.0!



Fantastic! Thanks again.


Beautiful. Thanks for your clarifications