GrabberReceiver triggering scene in Ableton Live


I’m a little stuck on syntax because i’m such a noob. Can you help? Sorry.


Hi Sam,

The steps should be:

  • drag a GrabberSender plugin onto your Master track
  • create a new Midi track
  • drag a TrackGrabber plugin onto the new Midi track
  • in one of the Parameter dropdowns, select TriggeredClipName
  • in the Address field next to it, set the address of the TouchOSC field you want to have the scene name show up
  • add clips to the Midi track with the same names as your scenes

Now, when triggering a scene, the name of the clip should be sent out to TouchOSC.


Bingo! Thank you. That solves a major issue with my performances.

Is there any way to freeze the clip name, instead of it appearing for the clip and then saying “-none-”?


Hi There at Showsync.
Thanks to Jonas uo there who works in the same theatre I found your OSC Patches. They work great so far to trigger one Ableton with another and to interact with Qlab, but: I´m trying to trigger the exact ETC console Jonas did, and just gave up.
The EOS for example expects the following:


to fire cue number 9 of playlist number 1.
With TrackGrabber I manages to send

/eos/cue/9/fire (clipname)
the Eos is ignoring the clipname and fires cue 9. But in this ways it ALWAYS fires cue 9 when I launch any scene in Ableton Live. I tried to translate the clipname part in a string understood by the eos with the tool “OSC Router” by ETC, but it can´t process parts of the syntax that are not in the “part with the slahes”. It could however translate for example


but it doesnt work with /Scene 9 without the slash

Is there a way to put Parameters/variables directly behind a slash with your tool?

Hope I eplained the problem in a way one can understand :wink:



Hi Ben,

The SceneGrabber plugin only works with messages with the scene number or name as an argument, not as part of the address.

If I understand you correctly, I would say you need to send differently formatted messages to LiveGrabber and the EOS. For challenges like this you typically use a router tool like OSCulator to translate messages from one format to another.


Hi Mattjis,
wow, you are quick thanks! Yes exactly, all the other devices I have here (MX Wendeler, ETC Eos, partly Qlab) dont´t use Arguments at all, but put the whole infromation/command in the adress. I tried to translate this with ETC`s OSC Router but couldnt, I will give OSCulatro a try but it would be much easier to not use one more piece of software that can be missconfigured in a live-environment with changing oprators from day to day…
could´nt you just implement the otion to leave away the space and put in a slash?
However, Jonas up there just invited me to an OSCulator training, that will probably help.



Although it would technically not be too hard to add options for accepting differently formatted messages in LiveGrabber, it would raise a lot of questions, how advanced to make the configuration options, where to put the interface, etc. In theory we could be facing building a tool like OSCulator into Livegrabber.

Although that seems like a fun project, we have decided against it for now.

(Also, the idea of accepting values in the address field like ETC and Resolume do still seem to me to go a bit against the original idea of OSC.)