Livegrabber doesn't keep ip adress



I’m using Live grabber with Ableton live 9 and it’s a great tool! Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep the right ip adress and port when open the next ime the project.

Any solution?




Hi Salamon,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I can’t reproduce this issue. Could you let us know which version of Livegrabber, Ableton Live and Mac OS or Windows you are using?




I’ve realised the OSC connexion between 3 computers :

  • one on windows seven 64 bits, ableton live 9.6 64 bits, cycling max 7.0.5 64 bits and the last version of livegrabber : 3.3.3 (live grabber sender)

  • the second computer on windows seven 32 bits, ableton live 9.6 32 bits, cycling max 7.0.3 32 bits and last version of livegrabber. (live grabber sender)

  • the third is the video computer (and OSC receiver) and doesn’t use livegrabber.

On the two live computers, there is the same issue, when opening live project, the ip adress and port returned at the initial value…

Thanks for help (and sorry for my english…)



Hi Sai,

Thanks for this. I can’t reproduce on Mac but perhaps there is an issue specifically on Windows.

I will look into it and get back to you.