LiveMTC question on changing timecode for songs


Is it possible to create multiple MTC Tracks?
I use Midi and SMPTE to control lighting. If this possible I would be able to route everything in one computer.

For example:
Song 1 Midi Track 01/00/00
Song 2 Midi Track 02/00/00
Song 3 Midi Track 03/00/00
This way when a song changes it send a different miditime into LiveMTC thus telling lighting protocol to switch to the different time marker.

Is this possible?

I am currently using Ableton Live Suite, MFL, Windows 10.
I am using the midi bridge to output to loopmidi freesoftware which then routes midi information to Hog4PC (High End Systems lighting console.

I use session and arrangement view. Primarily Session to just from song to song with written out verse, intos, chorus etc.



Hi Matt,

I am not sure I fully understand your use case, but would a feature like in ClipSMPTE, where you can add an offset in the clip name, somehow help you? Perhaps by adding that offset in the scene name?