Livesync metric issue



I’m looking for a tool for synchronising 2 ableton live. I’ve tried a lot of tool and Livesync is great and stable. But unfortunately, it works only with a 4:4 metric. With 6:8 or other metrics, it dosen’t work properly.

Any solution?




Hi Sai,

I can reproduce this issue. Thanks for reporting it. As soon as this is fixed I will let you know.


Hi Sai,

This issue should be addressed in version 2.1.4. Please let me know if it works for you.

Thanks for reporting this!



I’m experiencing a similar problem.
As soon you play an incomplete bar the sync causes the paired computer to jump to a completely wrong position (about 400 bars backwards).

In my case it’s a bar made of only 3 eighth triplets causing the trouble.

Hope you can help me,



Hi Ryan,

Thank you for the heads up.

Would it be possible for you to email us a simple set that demonstrates the issue via [email protected]? That would greatly help us to reproduce and fix the problem.