Paramgrabber/Map incoming OSC data from a usb digitizer HELP!


Hello all
I’m struggling to find a workaround to make all thinghs communicate correctly.
I’m sorry for the long n00b message, i’ts my first thing with OSC ever.
The scheme:
IR distance sensors----->icubex USBmicrodig ( Port:7000 -------->macbookpro–>OSCROUTER------> ABLETON—>( Port:2345–>Grabber receiver on Master track----->TRACKGRABBER on the track to be controlled
Grabber receiver shows continuosly updating messages as i move along the sensor.
trackgrabber apparently doesn’t move the parameters linked to the address
I can’t find where the path is broken


Hi Jonny,

That sounds like it should work, if the GrabberReciever shows the incoming messages, the trackgrabber should be able to link them to the volume fader.

Would it be possible to share your test set and a screenshot of the grabberreceiver showing one of your messages in the Lastest message field?


Yes, with pleasure, where do i can uppload screenshots and .als?
Thanks Jonny


Ah yes, you can email them to me at [email protected]